Spokane shares
the road.

Staying focused is not only safe, but also… wait, what were we talking about?

What’s safe today might not be safe tomorrow. Maybe they’ll pass a law that says cars must drive on the sidewalk. You’d want to be informed about that, wouldn’t you? Can you imagine? A car can’t even fit on a sidewalk. It’s too wide. It would hang over the edge into the street. It would be MADNESS! But seriously, if you drive a vehicle, stay off the sidewalk, FRFR!!

Want to impress the crowd at a party? Nothing could be cooler than reciting Washington Substitute Senate Bill 6208, chapter 66, section 4 on bicyclist stop sign requirements.

Staying focused is not only safe, but also... wait, what were we talking about?

You could also wear:

  1. A full-body reflective suit with neon-colored stripes and blinking lights.
  2. An inflatable dinosaur costume with built-in headlights.
  3. Oversized disco ball earrings and a necklace made of strobe lights.
  4. A high-visibility construction vest paired with a tutu and bunny ears.
  5. A giant sandwich board sign that says, “HONK IF YOU SEE ME.”

Or invent a silly walk. It’s extremely difficult to overlook somebody doing a silly walk.

But please don’t overshare. Notice we said, "share the road." Nobody wants to hear about the drama with your in-laws while they’re trying to get to work.

...tricycles, unicycles, unicorns, clown cars, horse-drawn carriages, party trolleys, dogs on leashes, children on leashes … you get the point.

Even if you drive one of those duck boats. Just because you can drive your car into a river like that’s a normal thing to do, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the rules of the road.

Like, what if you’re looking both ways before crossing the street and you notice an old wizard staring at you. So you ask him what his deal is, and he bops you on the head with his magical staff!

Suddenly you’re in a world where humans and animals have switched places. You look down at your feet and realize you’ve become a kangaroo!

And you love being a kangaroo. You have a pouch now where you keep cool stuff.

Your life has never been better, and it’s all because you looked both ways when you crossed the street instead of checking your phone.